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The biggest enemy to our Bay Islands is standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Local Government elections for Division 7 Redland City Council.

Murray Elliott is a candidate for the March 16 election, after being dumped by his division at the 2020 election.

He previously held the council seat for two decades as a member of councils that were totally negative the islands of Moreton Bay attached to Redland City Council.

He is infamous for the picture attached to this story where he publicly declared his animosity to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands in particular when he proudly waved this poster in there lead up to the 2016 Local Government election.

The poster declares: “WHEN WILL THE BAY ISLANDERS PAY THEIR WAY?”, with Elliott grinning all the way.

His embarrassing prejudicial declaration caused fellow councillor for Division 5, Mark Edwards, to undertake a major study.

Cr Edwards proved beyond doubt by producing historical figures, that rather than being a ‘burden’ on Redland City Council over the years, the islands had in fact financial ‘saved’ Redland City Council when the islands were handed over to the council by the then Queensland State Government.

Cr Edwards was able to show that the income from rates from the islands provided the necessary additional funds to a then ‘broke’ Redland City Council, to start upgrading and improving the mainland part of the Redlands to the detriment of the islands.

His revelations were a ‘shock’ to the council at the time.

It was a case of ‘poetic justice’ when the then Cr Elliott was rejected by Division 7 at the 2020 election.

Since that time he has been working in Labor MP Don Brown’s electoral office.

Although Murray Elliott is not standing for a division within our circulation area (Division 2, Division 4, and Division 5), we urge our readers with any friends or family in Division 7, NOT TO VOTE for Murray Elliott in the forthcoming March 16 election for Redland City Council.

So there!

• Murray Elliot and his ‘infamous’ sign



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