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WEINAM CREEK PDA MAP REVEALS EXTENT OF HUGE CHANGES AHEAD An extensive completed map shows the comprehensive make-up of the Weinam Creek PDA area. It shows the new road makeup of the area and the designated areas for change and development. There will be a new entry way area to the Translink terminal when Hamilton Street is extended to link up a new direct route to the new car parking station and terminal area. This is the street that passes by the police station. Council owns the necessary areas for the road extension and work on this road system is awaiting the PDA master plan approval from the State Government, but is expected by the end of the year, according to Mayor Karen Williams. She told The Friendly Bay Islander: “Once approved, the next stage of development will be the upgrade to Hamilton Street and construction of the new loop road. “These will be delivered in stages over the next 12-24 months. “The new recreational boat ramp is also anticipated to be delivered during this timeframe, the Mayor said. The sheer size of the new car park station will surprise many islanders. It is a mammoth building that will also incorporate some commercial spaces on the ground floor, with possibilities on the top deck as well. Cr. Mark Edwards told us: “It will have the capacity to be ‘added to’ depending on future parking needs. He also said the design caters for a special ‘drop off’ area where residents will be able to leave items prior to parking their vehicle. “It is listed as ‘storage’ in the map of the site,” Cr Edwards explained. Valuable commercial and residential sites are also identified on the northern waterfront opposite the ‘multi-storey parking facility’.The proposed Redland Bay Satellite Hospital in Meissner Street is on the southern side. “There will also be reconfigured outdoor parking adjacent and on the opposite (southern) side of the car parking station,” the councillor explained. There are other areas for mixed use and potential for residential apartments and even a luxury hotel. Cr Edwards said there is ‘another area’ on the southern bank of Weinam Creek and outside the PDA area, that is currently being developed via a land reclamation wall that will also provide waterfront accommodation. The foreshore of the PDA area will be enhanced with walkways and park extensions. A timeline for the PDA work has been requested from Redlands Investment Corporation, the council authority given the responsibility for the project. A spokesperson for Redland City Council told us: “in partnership with Redland Investment Corporation, the public notification process for the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area master plan has been completed. “The public notification period closed on 24 September 2021. “All submissions were received by Economic Development Queensland, which will take them under consideration when assessing the application for the master plan.”



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