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Well, where to start on happenings on Lamb Island for October. What a month! Local residents – not only from Lamb - are learning new skills, meeting new people and trying new activities through our Lamb Island Month of Health and Wellness! Yoga 4 Yachties have been introducing a whole range of people to yoga! There have been Yoga for Beginners, Chair Yoga and Advanced Yoga, with Leanne facilitating a full serving of twists, turns and stretches! So wonderful to see people trying yoga for the first time and smiling! We have had two sessions of cooking, courtesy of the 4 Cooks and the Lamb Island Recreation Club! Healthy Cooking and Cooking on a Budget provided a wide range of recipes and meals, while sharing the food preparation and then sitting down to a lovely meal with new friends. Who thought kale could taste so good! Thanks to Leanne too, for giving us a talk on ‘Gut Health’ and how some food reactions can be understood and monitored. Our shining star though, is our 50 residents who undertook a First Aid course, facilitated by the Mater Hospital Education Team! The group has been broken into three, with one group undertaking an Accreditation Course by completing an online component as well as a whole day of training. The Mater Hospital Education Team focused on a lot of our needs while living on the Islands and many of the health issues we find with an ageing population. Questions, specific situations, problems arising and solutions from the group with Peta and Ash, our facilitators, sharing scenarios and solutions to guide us through. Groups got to experience using a Snake Bandage and defibrillator, which has recently been purchased by the Recreation Club and LIRA We must thank the Redland City Council for the Community Grant that has enabled us to provide all these activities for FREE, with LIRA organising, planning and providing a cuppa and morning tea and the Rec Club for many activities – seriously the GREASE Evening had to be seen, or rather heard to be believed! Other Stars who ran and are still to run activities include Sue, Marilyn and the Craft Ladies who ran a range of craft activities; Suzie, who has made artists from 20 beginners; Gail, Jettie and Sue shared their knowledge and resources during a Fermenting Workshop; Kitti who kept us breathing in and out with Tai Chi; Jo made sure our feet remain healthy. Talks on Birding, Wills and POA’s, Scams, Blue Care, Aged and Disability Advocates, Book Sales every weekend and a Calendar Photo Competition thanks to the Lamb Library, and finally time to sit at the Namaste Witches Cottage for a lovely, relaxing tea tasting! It’s been one of those months here on Lamb Island!



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