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Your Feedback on Canaipa Island


What’s the chance of a name change for Russell Island to Canaipa Island? Apparently a pretty good chance. The name Russell is not regarded well historically for the island. You only have to google it to see the name has been tarnished on several fronts. It also relates back to a relatively minor English official back in the 1800’s. Canaipa is the aboriginal name for the island that is already used in many ways and by some island businesses and organisations. Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, believes there is a good chance of a name change, and likens the situation to the recent naming of Fraser Island to K’gari Island. Kim states in her column in this edition: “I’m currently about to get underway a survey of residents on the name of Russell Island and I’m very keen to get your opinion on whether we should rename it to ‘Canaipa Island’. We have an online survey, and we will be out talking to locals on this in coming weeks to provide feedback to the Minister for Resources. You can email my office with your thoughts at We think it is a great idea and a pleasant-sounding name with strong connections. Get involved and have your say in the survey. To make it easy, just scan the image above.


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14 mars 2023

Good initiative , along with the name change improve the trasport fecilities (with in island as well , like autonoums buses etc) and solve parking issues as well !


07 mars 2023

The SMB Island generally suffer from a stigma based on historical events that are no longer valid. This continues to depress land values on the island well below those on the mainland. Changing the names to honour the traditional custodians of these lands and waters may help to diminish that stigma


05 mars 2023

This isn’t a survey for just Russell Island …it’s for All the SMB Islands , and there is a lot of contention about the proposed names for Macleay and Lamb …and all these new names have been copyrighted, so everyone has to obtain permission to use them ….and None of them have been legally gazetted , so it’s illegal to use them in signage ….this geospatial alteration is a bomb waiting to explode

Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan
06 mars 2023
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Please email Member for Redlands, Kim Richards office with your thoughts at

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